Our Mission

Why choose SummerSun Heat & Air?

We pride ourselves in building relationships with trust, here is what our clients say about us . . . 

SummerSun Heat & Air helped us reduce our energy costs

"We thought our home was fairly efficient and generally the report showed us that indeed it was. However, there were obvious problems with insulation and gaps where our interior living space was not well sealed off from the outside. Gary found these and more importantly helped fix them by custom building a way to insulate our attic space access very affordably. We will be following up on additional recommendations from the report this year in an effort to further reduce our energy usage."

~ Al Whitehouse

The best experience I've ever had

"This is the best experience I've ever had in replacing any HVAC piece/unit. Thank you so much for the excellent work Gary and team! Highly recommended!"

~ Joe Rupert

SummerSun will be there, they understand your needs

"We were so pleased and now that we can see the impact to our energy costs, we are even more pleased! The best thing about Gary in anything he does is that even if you call him and say “I don’t think this is working the way I thought it would” he will be there to work it out, he understands your needs."

~ Kris and Mark Wise

Our Mission

Our mission at Summer Sun Heat & Air is to provide our clients with a trustworthy source of information and a comprehensive plan of action to meet their heat and air conditioning installation and repair needs. We follow this with personal, trustworthy and timely service that will result in measured performance, quality value, cost savings, and personal comfort. Ultimately, it is our goal to build an on-going relationship with our clients.

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